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Hard Bound
8.75x8.75in- 48pgs + endsheets
Photographs by Rachel Thurston- hasselblad 501CM / ilford 3200 film
Layout and Design by genius Stephen Bramwell-http://numeroseven.com
Quotes by the lovely mothers photographed

Thank you for your support!

Copy from the books's forward:

Nothing could have prepared me for the all-encompassing love and devotion I felt after becoming a mother. Creating, growing, birthing, and sustaining another human life has changed me infinitely. I had always hoped, and now know, that this level of intimacy and connection between two people can and does exist. This knowledge is my greatest gift.

There are thousands of ways parents can build that intimate connection with their children, and although this book focuses on just one of those ways, breastfeeding, I hope that all women, breastfeeding or not, can read these words and see these women as a reminder of the tremendous strength and life giving forces that we all are. Breastfeeding, bottle feeding, co-sleeping, crib sleeping, baby wearing, stroller riding, home birthing, C-sectioning, round or thin—miracle making women....

...This project was an idea that sprung from that gratitude and beauty I was experiencing. I wanted to honor the depth of capacity I had uncovered and was now sharing with women since the beginning of time..."